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see_who_iam in powerprison_ooc

*** You Must Read The rules Before Applying!***

<b>Name and Journal:</b>
<b>Source:</b> [where you heard about us.]

<b>Character age:</b>
<b>Character journal:</b> [you may use you personal LJ if you wish.]
<b>Character Background:</b>
<b>Inmate or Staff:</b>
<b>If Inmate, why are they brought to the prison?:</b>
<b>If Staff, What position are they applying for?:</b>
<b>Sample Post:</b> [Written in third person]

Please note that when you start playing; your character will have no memory of being arrested or even brought to the prison. They will wake up in their cell in full prison uniform.


I'm only accepting a limited amount of Original characters. The majority of characters I will be excepting will be from fandoms. I.e./ Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Full Metal Alchemist, Naruto, etc..... No they don't have to be completely human. But they have to at least have an appearance of one. The prison is modern. So it really doesn't matter what the character's background is, because they are brought in from all differents types of worlds, etc.

Couple questions

Hey, I came over from yaoi_daily_cafe and looked around a bit. Looks pretty interesting, but I had a couple questions I don't think got completely answered in the rules and couldn't find another place to ask.

You mentioned powers, but is it possible to use a character who has no inherent abilities beyond fighting skills and weapons? Also, is it permissible to use a future incarnation of a character as long as that incarnation shows up in the canon of the source?

That's it. Thanks.

Re: Couple questions

Yes to both. :-)

However, the prisoners will have weapons taken away from them upon arrival. So unless the character's ability is to manifest weapons at will, or the character's make crude weapons such as shivs, they will have no weapons. :-)
Okay, I'll bite. I'm a sucker for a prison anything :).

Name and Journal: Marx desdemona_marx
Age: 24
AIM: Don't have one, I hope that's okay
MSN: vampunk@hotmail.com
Email: chainedinwings@gmail.com
Source: [where you heard about us.] yaoi_daily_cafe

Character: Gokudera Hayato
Fandom: Katekyo Hitman Reborn
Character age: 25
Character journal: will make one
Character Background:
Gokudera is half Japanese and half Italian, but he was raised in Italy by his father, a member of a mob family. His mother died in a mysterious car crash when he was young. She was very sickly and for a long time he suspected his father of having her killed because she was planning to leave him. Gokudera finds out later that she actually left because she didn't want his father, who loved her very much, to watch her die. She had already died of a terminal illness and the crash happened transporting her body. Because of her abandonment and his father's coldness toward him after, Gokudera has some worth and abandonment issues. He always strives to be good at everything he does to make up for his own perceived worthlessness. He ran away from his family early in life and lived on his own, getting only marginal support from a family friend, Dr. Shamal, who taught him how to use his weapon of choice, his bombs. By the age of fifteen he had made a name for himself in the mob world as an assassin, going by the name "Smoking Bomb" Hayato. Gokudera has a rough personality, he smokes too much and swears even more and he doesn't let people close to him easily until he meets Tsuna, the bumbling future tenth boss of the Vongola mob family. He becomes Tsuna's first follower and aspires to be his Right Hand Man, a goal he later achieves. He somewhat rude, but he is also incredibly intelligent, intense, and fiercely loyal to his friends, who even when he insults and threatens them, he still views as his family.
Inmate or Staff: Inmate
If Inmate, why are they brought to the prison?: Something to do with the Vongola, I'm sure.
If Staff, What position are they applying for?:
Sample Post: [Written in third person]
Gokudera was staring at Yamamoto's tie, he knew that, the way it was skewed, the way his top button was undone and hanging open, the tail of the tie peeking out from behind the wide blue fabric. He also knew that if he didn't stop, someone, most likely Yamamoto, would notice. But it was pissing him off. They were in a fucking meeting, the moron couldn't take the time to straighten his damn tie? Of course not, he didn't even know how to tie the damn thing until Gokudera showed him. Five times. Instead of strangling Yamamoto with the damn thing, he flicked the ash off his cigarette with so much for it knocked the cherry off. Okay, now he was mad. Slowly, firmly, he left the half burned smoke on the ash tray and did not pitch it across the room. Tenth looked at him, his expression concerned, and Gokudera fought to blank his face. The last thing Tenth needed was more worries. He kept his hands clenched until the lull in the discussion turned into a short break. Pushing the chair back sharply he walked around the table and yanked Yamamoto's tie straight, tightening it so much that the taller man's surprised laugh turned into a cut off choked sound.
"Straighten your damn tie, idiot," Gokudera growled before turning on his heel and going out to have a cigarette in peace outside.
Approved! Make a character journal and reply to this comment with it. :-)

As you are the first player accepted, we need a few more before we begin. :-)

Join power_prison and powerprison_ooc with your character journal. :-)
When the game starts I will post an entry in the OOC Comm.

October 2010

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